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Step to Build Structure’s Roof

  In the previous articles, we have studied the Site selection, Foundation, and types of structures. In this article, we will discuss the components of structure and roofing components. To understand the components we have to consider a complete structure. Structure Roof Sheet:  The sheets are used for the roofing it may be metallic or non-metallic. This may be plain or profile. Roof Sheet Plain Sheet:  Without any corrugation, sheets are cut from the coil according to the length and width. Consider Points-Length, Width, Material, Color, GSM, MPA. More... Plain Sheet Profile Sheet:  Sheets with corrugation are cut from the coil after the profiling process According to length. There are many profiles sheet-Like SN1000, SN1000 Smart, Standing Seam, Clip Lock Etc. Considerable Points-Corrugation, Length, Width, Height, Low and High Ribs, Material, Color, GSM, MPA. More Profile Purlins:  Purlins are structural members that support the structure and bear the load of the roof sheet. Roofing