Steps Consider towards Building Structure’s Roof- Build the Structure

StructureA stable configuration with interconnected elements like slab, columns, cables, foundation, etc. It is an assemblage that resists external forces and reactions and remains in equilibrium. Simply, we can say that a structure is defined as the arrangement of all interconnected and interrelated components forming relation of all parts of the building in an organized way.

Types of Structure  1) Load Bearing Structure 2) Framed Structure 3) Composite Structure
(1) Load Bearing StructureThis is a very common type of structure. It was in more tradition in the old days. In this structure, the load is carried out by the walls instead of beams and columns and lowered to the foundation. Nowadays it is not in common fashion. In load-bearing structures, walls are used as load carriers so walls must be strong enough. The width of the wall varies with 20cm to 30cm commonly. Due to wall thickness, the carpet area reduces. It is having a limitation of two to three-story buildings and also needs a…

Steps Consider towards Building Structure’s Roof- Prepare Foundation

Foundation: Foundation is the first step to build something. It may be structure, education, production, art or anything. Foundation is the basis of the present to build a golden and powerful future of something. Here we would discuss with the structural foundation that is counted in our primary need. Definition: The structural foundation is defined as the lower portion of a structure that transmits the load to the earth. Foundation is also known as the substructure of the structure. Foundation is the general and almost hidden part of a structure and bears all loads with transferring to the earth of the structure. The strength of the foundation writes the strength’s story of the structure.

Steps Consider towards Building Structure’s Roof- "Site Selection"

There are four key points to pay heed to build a structure and its roof.      Site SelectionPrepare Foundation      Build a Structure     Roofing Process

4. Market and Transport: For the success of any plant market and transport facility having the leading role. The availability of the market must be situated as near as possible so that transportation can be minimized. Due to the ease of market and transportation, the product would be sale as soon as possible which leads to soon generation of revenue. Overall it supports increased productivity.