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FRSIPL gives nearby administrations, at whatever point it is required we generally send our master individual on location until you get your fulfilled results. Roofing can be selected and designed to meet the specific design requirements and budget of almost any roofing project. Our solutions allow freedom of design and form, without limitations on shape or color, which are tailored to meet your specific requirements for all types of roofs. Sustainability is one of the main drivers of Faisal Roofing Solutions. FRSIPL focuses on system longevity, energy efficiency, durability with minimum maintenance requirements, recycling programs, green roof expertise and integration with solar power systems....More


FRSIPL is the pioneer in giving composed basic arrangements, outlining and collecting. We guarantee that we utilize the latest advancement in our ordinary activities.
The design and construction aspects are contracted with a single firm. The builder will be offered from our own team, whereas the contractor will be of your choice.
In a collaborative environment, the designing team will altogether bring the construction and design to complete the given work, moreover, the construction will initiate while the building is still getting designed – it ultimately minimizing the project risk for an owner and reduces the delivery schedule..... More

Pre-construction & Planning

Our Company works persistently with the customers and plan groups to investigate in your project that gives esteem and lowers the cost without compromising on the design that you require.
Imperative preconstruction administrations bring about knowing the potential cost reserve funds and disposing of the undesired results. We set up a similar value study that incorporates an appraisal of cost and schedule impacts. We offer a finish breakdown of the material cost, operational costs, item strength and ease of operation for each proposal..... More

Advisory Services

1. Installation- FRSIPL began by the name of SN Roofing previously which took only Installation Services. Whereas installing the roofing sheets is considered to be the integral part of Faisal Roofing Solution I Pvt Ltd, henceforth you can get the flawless and best guidance for WHAT, HOW, WHEN & WHICH sort of material ought to be utilized for its establishment.
2. Technical- FRSIPL has been continuously supplying the best and honest material to its customers and that is because of the profound specialized learning about the distinctive kind of materials utilized, for example, Turbo Ventilator Fan, a part of Roofing Industries. Diverse sort of ventures requires a distinctive sort of material for Roofing or Cladding like in Chemical Industries we can never utilize PPGI and PPGL material, here we need to utilize diverse material....... More


 Pre Engineered Building• Designing, Fabrication, ROOFING Installation Services
 Colour Coated Roofing Sheet Structure Mall All Type Structural building
 Accessories like Ridge, Corner, Barge Board, Curve Sheet. Down Take Pipe Used to cover leakages in the Structure Of Roof
 Roof Ventilation System Runs without Power & gives round the year ventilation
 Skylight Sheets Natural Light without Power Motor
 “Z” and “C” Purlins Light Weight leads to savings in Structural Cost
 Louvers Ventilation without Power
 Installation and Consultancy Special facility

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