Steps Consider towards Building Structure’s Roof- "Site Selection"

There are four key points to pay heed to build a structure and its roof.
  •      Site Selection
  •      Prepare Foundation 
  •      Build a Structure
  •      Roofing Process

Build structure

Selection of Site:
          To build a plant, building or structure it must consider the relevant situation, points, and variations. The success of a plant would depend on the selection of the location of the plant. Selection explores the future expansion, development, and enhancement of plan executing. Many primary and secondary factors help to make the decision of site selection.
Plant Location
Site Selection

1. Scope of Site:

 It is very important to clear the purpose of the site before selecting the site must be updated privacy regarding purpose.


2. Surroundings: 

The surroundings of the location must be having a friendly environment regarding the neighborhood. Before the selection of site visit at the location and examine all possibilities about the neighborhood like location is fully developed or developing. Try to catch the typical mentality about the security at that location. All the possibilities and factors should be the approach towards happy living.

3. Available Services and Facilities:

A good site selection incorporated with the available services and facilities. As community services- emergency help like a police station, fire station and some regular service required for the healthy estate as clearing waste, street cleaning. Must consider the utility services like water supply, electricity, gas, and drainage.


4. Market and Transport:

For the success of any plant market and transport facility having the leading role. The availability of the market must be situated as near as possible so that transportation can be minimized. Due to the ease of market and transportation, the product would be sale as soon as possible which leads to soon generation of revenue. Overall it supports increased productivity.

Plant Transportation

5. Local Authority: 

 Local authority lead to the foundation, shape and size and convenient policies. It must be a well-known selection of a site that what are the authorities regarding the building structure as height, front area and left area. Plant’s work must be according to the local authority and government policies.


6. Environmental and Geographical Conditions:

The environmental and geographical conditions are the chief part of the plant location. There must be a natural ventilation facility. If there is a natural airflow that is preferred location and the situated at a slight slope. The slope would lead to the proper drainage of water from the plant. If there would exist natural beauty that proceeds to more attraction and mental integration.

Geographical Condition

7. Water Supply:

For any healthy plant or business success, water availability is having the lead role. So in the site selection, must sure in terms of strong facility of water supply. It may be commercial, industrial or residential water supply that is necessary. So be sure and certain about the proper supply of water.


8. Waste Management:

A big problem of any industry or plant that is waste disposal without violation of environmental issues. For any industry, there must be proper disposal or dumping of waste. At the plant location, must be a proper waste disposal system otherwise it would proceed to pollution

Waste Disposal

9. Ground Soil and Cost Estimation: 

 To establish a building structure is very important to consider the types of soil of the plant. The types of soil would be responsible for the costing of the site. For plant sites, rock soil is preferred also sand soil preferred. The costing of the site depends on all the above factors and facilities.

Ground- Cost

10. Other Factors:

The plant site circumstances must be kept in mind before selecting it. Take a survey of flood, heavy rain, noise level, crowd and smoke intensity of locality. The factors must be considered. Also, consider the fuel and power facilities.

Site Circumstances


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